by Tony Matias, October 2002

Remember these popular singers of the 60s:
**Eddie Mesa- Elvis Presley of the Philippines (also owns & manages the Hi-Jacks combo at that time)
**Cora Adahar- Elvis Woman of the Philippines
**Diomedes Maturan- Perry Como of the Philippines (+who passed away earlier this year)
**Fred Pinopyo - RP country/western singer
**Jose Marie Chan - Cliff Richard of the Philippines
**Bert Nieverra - Johnny Mathis of the Philippines

First live musical/dance TV shows:
** Jam Session - (1960)Hosted by Bobby Ng, intro and closing tune "Bulldog"
** Night Owl - (1961)Hosted by Lito Gorospe and at times with Dulce Lucban, regular combo- "The Wonderers", Intro opening and closing tune "Moon Dawg". This TV show aired every Friday night at Channel 11 next building to Jai Alai with ' alternate "Combos'' like in its initial days with "The Rookies" etc..
** Darigold Jamboree- Time slot 1:00pm to 1:30pm daily, Hosted by Eddie Ilarde, Pepe Pimentel, Bobby Gonzales, Leila Benitez
** Dance O'Rama- Hosted by Pete Roa, Baby O'Brian later replaced by Butch Anson , Regular Combo - "the Firedons"
** DJ Dancetime with Lito Gorospe, live TV show during afternoon during weekdays in which the Black Knights combo had played
** Quite-A-Party - (pilot TV show "Channel 10" emceed by Lito Gorospe in GSIS Building)
** NineTeeners
** Student Canteen

60's Concert Halls:
**The Who Building (at Padre Faura)
**Rizal Theather - (Makati)
**Girl Scout of the Philippines - (adjacent to Paco Cemetery-often hosted by Eddie Mercado and occasionally with Josefine Estrada, an actress who now lives in USA.

First Discotheque places:
**The Black Angel at Mandaluyong
**Clique Disco at Makati (regulars were Moonstrucks and Bbops bands)
**and another one also in Makati (regulars were Moonstrucks and Bbops bands)

First Night Clubs with live bands:
**Wells Fargo at Dewey Blvd.
**The Flames at Dewey Blvd.
**Tres Hermanas (1960) for special event only, by Espana Extension

Music Center in Manila, where many combos/bands buy their instruments as well as the 45'/78' records & albums:
**Raon Street at nearby Avenida Rizal (up to now, Raon still a haven for electronics buffs)

TV stations of the 60's:
**Channel 9- location>Dewey Blvd.< "Jam Session"
**Channel 11-location>Taft Ave.< "Night Owl"
**Channel 5--location>Makati <"Dance O'Rama
**Channel 10-location>GSIS Bdg.Manila< "Quite a Party"
**Channel ??-location>?? <"Darigold Jamboree"
**Channel 9- location>Dewey Blvd. <"Nineteeners">

First ever shindig live TV shows (no vocals just instrumental tunes)
** Jam Session, emceed by Bobby Ng

Some 45rpm records produced before 1964:
** Electromaniac - (several instrumental hit tunes)
** Frolics - (Several hit instrumental tunes)
** Boy Adan and his Grandeurs
** RJ and the Riots - (there famous hits, Take a trip to Manila)
** Intruders - (Several instrumental tunes compose by George Ramos)
** The Rookies - (single 45 back to back immitation instrumental tune of the Ventures)
** The Celtics -

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