Juan de la Cruz
Live at the USC Cultural Center
(Cebu, RP circa 1974)

by Lester Padriga (aka LOOSEPAGE)
Seattle, Washington

JDLC tune coming soon here!

I couldn't forget this event one my favorites. It was a time when people go to concerts to listen and not to burn their t-shirts.

The good vibes of the early 70's was there and where almost all the attendess know each other. You can see the peace atmosphere that was there that night, the same atmosphere that was waning out by the mid or late 70's.

The only bad vibes I remenber was the long haired folkie guy in denim overalls who was given a galactic role which was to open a major rock concert with accoutics or folk songs. I dont even remenber the poor dude's name but he had to quit since a lot of the stoned audience present just couldn't wait for some hard rockin from JDLC band. Too bad since I was with my Hawaiian-Pinoy cousin, Reggie who was a musician himself and is quite popular in Cebu being that he was the only one who belts out Kalapana, Cecilio & Kapono or Mackey Feary songs. Also with me at that time were my ka-pamilya Del Pilar who at that time were trying to form "Harvest" a folkie group. We wanted to hear out the guy since he was doing some Woody Guthrie songs. I personally thought the folkie guy was good but all the booing and heckling finally made the guy quit and we have to wait for almost an hour since Juan dela Cruz wasn't on the scene yet. Bummer, but at least the only one for that event.

All the heads were there, Pamilya Tuliro, always the heavy dudes, came like with all their katcha robes and dyed long shirts, which seems heavier than JDLC getup. Pamilya Sampaguita, always simple with just their usual unwashed levi's but always the heavy loaded lagkitan look. There was the Anak Bayan Family, mostly guys from Manila and of course frist time rockers or straights who were about to expereince their first rock concert.

Then came Juan dela Cruz, Wally, Mike & Pepe, backed up on drums by Bosyo and some guy who comes out every now and then for some keyboards. I remenber Wally and Pepe were so contradicting, being that Wally just stood there motionless with his guitar while Pepe was all over the place, as usual very warat (stoned).

The event was setup for two drummers (Pepe & Bosyo) but Pepe would just leave the pounding to Bosyo leaving Pepe to concentrate on kicking them drum kits & diving all over the snares. Typical Joey, and the more the crowd love him..."sige pa Pepe" they shouted.

The guys came out in makeup since "Maskara" their 2nd album just got release that time. I did remember then doing 2 or 3 songs from their forth coming "Super Session" LP. As always Himig Natin is always a crowd pleaser and Rock and Roll sa Ulan.

It was not that big of a crowd who filled one half of the Cultural Center which had a capacity of 5,000. The event went pretty good, good vibes and all, except that opener incident. But thinking about it now today I know it was those brotherhood vibes that was there that night that pulled it all together, the very thing that was missing in most of the latter rock events that I would have the privilege to be with.

Long Live Juan dela Cruz Band.

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