Legendary Bands Rocked LA
by Alan Fructuoso & Johnny Pecayo

GLENDALE, CA -- The Hot Dog Band, headed by Rene Garcia and beauteous and talented Nadia Moore; VST & Co., composed of the Rigor brothers -- Spanky, Roger and Male -- and The Boyfriends -- Gary Arriola and Bob Guzman -- rocked their L.A. fans when they performed October 4 at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, California. The fans were rocking the rafters, dancing atop their chairs and singing along with some of the major classics from the 70s.

Rene Garcia, one of the original Hot Dog members kept the show moving with his great riffs ala Jimmy Hendrix with Purple Haze, Stairway to Heaven by the Led Zeppelin, great favorites like Smoke on the Water...I've seen Edward van Halen jamming at hindi sila nagkakalayo sa galing at sa pagkaguapo.

Stunningly beautiful, talented, voluptuous and sexy female singer Nadia Moore wowed the crowd with her great singing performance and marvelous dancing. Her wide range includes her idol, Barbara Streisand as well as rock, rythym n blues and pop.

Original Hot Dog member Vivian Marquez did a love song duet with Andy Caberte that sent tingles down their fans' spines.

Drummer Guy Pacasis, ala Alex van Halen and bassist Bob Repuldan pounded his drums and bass respectively; Pandoy Calagit second lead guitar and rythmn,& nbsp;lifting the overflowing crowd to almost a frenzy reminiscent of the Beatles rocking British royalty concert.

Spanky, Roger and Male Rigor, who idolize the Bee Gees, set the tone for the evening's nostalgic concert as the concert lover fans cannot avoid having their falsetto sound be associated with the famous foreign group. Their well blended voices filled the airwaves in the 70's, specially when the original members, composed of Spanky Rigor (bassist), Monet Gaskell (guitar), Chuck Llarina (lead), Val Sotto (rhythms), Vic (lead vocals), Roger Rigor (guitar), and Male Rigor (keyboards).

The unforgettable evening sent the CEO of Forex International, Mac Carino and his staff dancing, singing along and literally jumping on the very first row, that encouraged all the rest at the Orchestra and Balcony, stomping their feet, singing along, transforming the legendary Alex Theatre into a special venue only Filipinos can do.

Their signature song, "Awitin Mo ... at Isasayaw Ko," brought the house down.

Just as soon as they exited from the scene, came The Boyfriends originals -- Gary Arriola and Bob Guzman -- the other original member, Artie Ilacad didn't make it, who continued the momentum set by VST.

Playing their guitars and singing and dancing, Gary and Bob' "Dahil Mahal Kita," "Salawahan," "Bumalik Ka Lamang," and disco hit "Sumayaw Sumunod," kept the audience mesmerized as they reminisce the 70's when they were still in the Philippines not even imagining that someday they will be in America, and furthermore, to their wildest imagination, they would see again their favorite bands live, performing before their very own eyes.

We sincerely appreciate and thank Chiqui de la Rosa for his courage in producing this triumvirate band, when all other known promoters he approached before did not decide at once to produce the show that delivered instant "sold out" to the surprise of many. Our thanks also go to Dr. Jun Asuncion of the Kapalaran Foundation and Jun Caberte of several groups, Imperials, New Minstrels and arranger for several Rico Puno songs that helped Alan with this very first article landing in the MANILA-U.S. TIMES.

Thanks most of all to the Hotdog Band's Rene Garcia, Nadia and all the others that made this an easy and truly memorable event for everyone to enjoy.

Sana'y maulit pa sa lalong madaling panahon to give others who missed the show, the chance to watch these legendary bands perform live onstage in other parts of Southern California and beyond.

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