December 5, 1970

PCR Notes: December 5, 2002 marks the 32nd Anniversary of the Antipolo Rock Music Festival and it's only fairly right to commemorate such historical concert event in the Pinoy Rock history. We will continuously update this article while we are still gathering more information about the event.

Photo courtesy of Baby V

Just to highlight some of the activities that transpired during such pioneering major Pinoy Rock concert event: About 10,000 people attended; cops were busy arresting concert goers who were using illegal drugs by truckloads; the site was filled with green colors due to Seven-Up sponsorship of the event (billboards, banners, streamers, 7up drinks, etc.); the concert site was situated on the hill of Antipolo had an awesome view of Manila in which spectators watched the concert down hill; lots of cars parked alongside Ortigas down to Mandaluyong & people walked by the thousands to attend; the Gonzalez family's parachute tent was set up in the middle of the concert field in which some stoned-speactators approached them to buy the "MJ" and Wally recalled that his mother was pretty busy telling people "that they don't sell them... they have go to other place"; marijuana usage was very prevalent during that time (both in the Philippines & abroad); having outright sex on the concert field were witnessed by the crowds (perhaps, there ought to be those Antipolo Rock concert-babies by now, noh? hmmm); peace-love-no war became the impromptu theme of such event just like the one in Woodstock (NY) held a year earlier; that girl that ran across the concert stage naked; the concert started just after sunset and ended just before sunrise.

Bands that played were Juan de la Cruz band, Downbeats, T. Tinio Band, Frictions, Split Ends, Maria Cafra and many more.

Yes, that was the Pinoy Rock concert of all time, the ANTIPOLO ROCK FESTIVAL. I was a young 14 years old, "buntot ako ng buntot sa barkada ng kuya ko, The STONES ang tawag nila sa grupo nila" (I used to tag along all the time with my older brother's group, they called themselves The STONES). "Usong-uso yung mga gangs noon katulad ng Tinstones, Blackhawks, Cossacks, etc." ( The in-thing then were gangs like the...) I remember that excitement leading up to concert day, there was so much talk about it that I knew that I had to go, and for a kid of 14, this was just another big adventure, or so I thought, cause little did I know the concert would completely change the course my life would take. There was gonna be no way my big brother and the Stones could keep me from going (making "buntot") with them. So on concert day, I found myself squeezed into an old beat-up Ford? or was it a Chevy?, a early 60's model, in-between around 8 big dudes in a car that could fit 5 comfortably.

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On the car going up along what is now Ortigas, close to the Antipolo hills (Ortigas pa ba yun?), you could feel the "Love and Peace" vibes ( something you only saw in the woodstock movie, or read in the news) with lots and lots of cars and their hippie-passengers, long-haired guy and their girls on the roadside. A lot of them were flashing the PEACE sign, though I remember in stark contrast, Ronnie "Baby John" De Asis (now SM of 105.1 CROSSOVER), then of the legendary underground rock station DZUW, cursing the peace freaks, He was in a war-freak mood, I just couldn't understand why. You see, one of my brother's group-mates then, MIKE, was a rookie jock at DZUW-AM named STONEY BURKE. Ronnie came along for the ride with Mike from Channel 7, where the one-kilowatt station was then located. A few months after, when I was 15, Mike would be my ticket into the world of Radio. But that's a whole different story.

The concert site was bulldozed out of the side of one of the hills in Antipolo overlooking Manila, so everyone had a view of the stage, like a theatre. Sonny Peckson, was the one who drove all the way up and he had some of the guys take out the back seat of the car and carry it to where we had a great center view of the stage. I remember our distance from the stage was like the view from the lodge seats of Rizal Theatre (the only theatre in the Makati Commercial Center at the time), minus the comfortable seats and air-conditioning! I remember a huge tent at the top which I heard was later in the night, raided by the Narcs. Who can forget the nice chick, she had long black hair, brown skin, who went topless on stage around sunset, tits juggling while she danced. She was mobbed when she went down the stage to a standing ovation. Who can forget the T. Tinio Band, who I learned in my later years were actually composed of Jimmy Joseph, Anthony Borromeo, the late great Bing Labrador, etc. ...there was a guy with long hair and who really resembled the late great, Edmond "Bosyo" Fortuno, who did a drum solo in the afternoon before the start, because everyone was hooting for the show to begin and I think there was no electricity yet at the time. In the future I would ask the late Edmond "Bosyo" Fortuno if he was the one who did that solo but he said no. Then there was this tense moment while one of the bands were performing that we noticed the crowd starting to boo and wail. The spotlight was then pointing and following two policemen who were walking away from what was a group of guys smoking grass, the two cops were being pelted with little pebbles and paper, things that couldn't hurt them. It was like drizzling rain in the silhouette of the spotlight. The cops couldn't touch them!

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The music was great, even though I did hear, was it three?, different bands play "Soul Sacrifice" by Santana. Anyway, I would have to say that after hearing almost every band do covers of songs from the movie WOODSTOCK, did kinda make the group decide to pack up and head home ( bands during those days rarely had an original song ).. That unforgettable experience on that ANTIPOLO hillside was the pinoy's own little successful version of LOVE, PEACE and MUSIC. And as for me, after that day, I was hooked for life to Rock and Roll.

Bob Magoo - July, 2002 Laguna, Philippines

I played at Antipolo mga early morning and we did Santana's Soul Sacrifice, Joe Cocker's With A Little Help From My Friends tunes sand I did drum solo as well.

Ticket ohoto courtesy of Baby V

Medyo down na ang tao, pati sila Pepe, patapos na ang happening, tapos na rin yuong mga bust ng narc. Kasi tumugtog kami sa puesto namin sa 1571 Hilton kaya dumerecho kami sa Antipolo at madaling araw na at tumugtog kami.

Nasa Downbeats ako nuon kami nila Eddie Reyes-conga, Boy Pecson-vocal, Voltaire Infante-keyboard, Tony Aranzamendez-bass, Tony Jalandoni & myself on lead guitars. Kami ang nagtapos yata as far I can remenber.

Pa-concert ni Dodie Gonzalez yung Antipolo Rock Festival.

I will never forget such Antipolo Woodstock style concert. I'm very proud to have played there. . . . . . . . .

by Nides Jacinto Aranzamendez (Downbeats' drummer at that time)

If my memory serves me right the long haired guy who did that solo drums stint at the Antipolo Rock Music Festival is Gary Perez. Although unprepared for it he jammed with other band members and even broke several drumsticks while doing so. Unless he wants to deny it, I am very sure about it because we went there together with my sister Ana, Hector Ocampo of Split Ends and friends.
By Marie Asistio (LA, CA.) - 10/24/04

This is for Marie. You're right, that was me, I almost forgot about that. Thanks for the memories. God Bless!!!
From Gary Perez (formerly Sampaguita) now living in Washington, USA. - 10/25/04

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