Pinoy Combos-Bands-Groups of the 60s & 70s
Directory Listing - Part 2

Revised-Updated October 24, 2012

PCR's Note: The enclosed compilation listing is definitely not complete and perhaps, some information might be incorrect. Therefore, if you have any corrections, revisions or additions about the 60s & 70s Pinoy bands, kindly email such info to

IDOLS (60's): Eddie Bernardo - Lead guitar; Abet Bernardo - Rythm guitar; Tony Bernardo - Bass guitar; Romy Bernardo - Drums; and Jun Reyes - Vocals.

The Immigrants (from Ontario, Canada): Mon Torralba - lead guitar (former Hotdog), Jun Vidal - drums, Kleigh Abuyuan - keyboards/lead vocal and Nato Buzon - bass guitar (former Rage Band managed by Atek Jacinto).

The IMPERIALS (was formed by Boy de Guzman and Bobbit de Guzman on April 1962 in Bohol Avenue, Quezon City & it got the name Imperials from a Crhysler Imperial car which was boy's car at that time): The original members were Boy de Guzman (drummer-manager), Obeng Reyes (lead), Bobbit de Guzman (second lead), Matt Maturan (rhythm) and Jun de Guzman (bass). In 1968 Boy de Guzman formed a New Imperials composed of young musicians like Jun Caberte (lead), Bobby Laigo(vocals-drummer), Andy Caberte (keyboards), Monching Chan (rhythm), Jun de Guzman (bass) and Boy Posadas (lead singer). After the band toured Japan in 1969-1970, new personnel came on board such as Oscar Asor (keyboard) and Cholo Santiago (lead vocals). Others who played with the Imperials were Mon Burgos (Jetblacks), Rene Enriques (Hot-Dogs), Jun Alano (Boy K"), Toddy Y (Clubman), Ed Agdera (Birth Of The Cools), Francis Mandap (Jetblacks) and Gerry Lagman (vocals). Other former Imperials members and who are currently living in the United States Ponch Ruiz (vocals, Ramblers), Romy Rizaldo (vocals-percussion), Kiko Gatchalian, Jess Dungan (Mind's Interpretation), Nick Mamerto (bass-keyboard duet), Walter Pennington (Dynasouls/Hi-Jacks), Ike Tolentino (Enterprise). Members who are living abroad are Boy de Guzman (Virginia USA), Obeng Reyes (Virginia USA), Bobbit de Guzman (San Francisco, Calif.), Jun de Guzman (Sydney,Australia), Jun Caberte (Los Angeles,Calif.), Bobby Laigo (San Francisco Calif.), Andy CaberTe (San Diego Calif.), Monching Chan (Canada) and Boy Posadas (Los Angeles Calif.).

Intensity (formerly Rubber Sound, 9Teeners era): Jun Pobre (lead guitar), Boy Santos (keyboards), Mandy Sarne (vocals), Eddie M. (drums) & Tony Senco (bass). The horn section was composed of +Florante M. Sumague (trumpet, deceased) & Ador Sumague (trombone, now living in Laguna, Rizal RP.

Interceptors: Ike Santiago

Intruders: Jodie Evangelista – keyboards/vocals

Item Five: Ruben Neri, Boy Zabat, +Rolly Generoso (deceased) and Tessie Melo (now in Germany).

Jaguars (Guam, 1965-1967): Tony Antonio (lead vocals), Oscar Galay (lead guitar/vocals), +Norma Lemme (rhythm/vocals, deceased), Lody Yanto (bass/vocals), Eddie Paguio (organ) & Cesar Jastillana (drums).

Jaspers: Dario Fajardo (lead singer, PI Harry Belafonte), Rod Garcia (vocals/rhythm guitar), Nestor Pangilinan (original bassist), Felix Garcia (lead guitar), Tito Garcia (drums), Virgil Vergel (took over when Nestor Pangilinan quit as vocals/bass - now living in Canada), and Condring Gonzalez (vocals/keyboard). Jess Jocson (became bass guitar/lead singer when Virgil Vergel & Rudy Garcia left - now living in Japan) and the band played at the Bayside night club in the late 60s.

D' Jerks: Manny Medina-Rhythm Guitar, Alex Ibanez-Bass Guitar, Boy Alindogan-Drummer and Boy Santos-Lead Guitar

Jerks: Boy Santos - Lead Guitar; Cesar Sudiacal - Rhythm Guitar; Alex Ibanez - Bass; Boy Alindogan - Drums.

The Jesters: Jess "Essie" Gallardo (vocals/rhythm); Sonny Nicolas (lead guitar); Eddie Nicolas(deceased-drummer); Carlos "Bunnie" Arguelles (drummer); Willie Señoran (bass/vocals); Oscar "Oca" Asor (Rhythmn). The Jesters later on became to be known as the Gallivants when Eddie Nicolas left and joined the Moonstrucks.

Jet Blacks: Monching Burgos - lead guitar, Francis Mandap - bass guitar, Jaime - keyboards, Bobby Sabater - drums.

Jetstar: Ferdie Estrella (vocals/manager), Ferdie "Boy" Estrella on drums later replaced by Boboy Orbeta, Henry (lead guitar), Jun Noah/Boy Santos/Babes Vizconde on Keyboards (at different time), Babes Villena (bass) and Angel Gavito (vocals).

Jitterbugs: George Saabedra (lead guitar), +Bebo Saabedra (rhythm - deceased), Nestor "Boyet" Saabedra (drummer), Jun Alarcon (bass guitar) and on lead vocals were Viring and Boy Matiniano.

JOLLYTICS: Led by JOEY " BOY" VILLANUEVA (lead guitar - now residing in HONG KONG, Music Director for HKTV.), ERNIE AMOROSO (bass/vocals). BOY GUTIERREZ (2nd lead guitar/rhythm guitar/vocals), MANNY"BOY"TAGALOG on drums and FELIX on vocals.

Jovials (most promising band during the 60's was a mainstay at Baby O'Brian Show and Dance O' Rama - the group also hit it big in Japan, Singapore and other key cities in Southeast Asia): Danny Yuson (Lead Guitar), Ernie Collantes (Rhythm Guitar), Lito Zabat (Drummer) from Hi-Fi/Jacfers/Tumbleweeds, + Romy Yuson (2nd Lead, Bass/deceased), Fred Herrera (Bass) from Tumbleweeds and Joey Benesa (Organ) composed the group managed by Jess Manlapat. 2nd generation of the Jovials were Rene Michida, Sonny, Jose, Philip, Junior, Manok and Dong in Olongapo City.

Juan de la Cruz: The original members were Wally Gonzalez - lead guitar, +Bosyo - drums, Alex Cruz - sax/flute, Bing Labrador - keyboard and Sandy Tagarro - bass guitar. +Bosyo, Alex & Bing left JDLC band & formed Anakbayan. "Up In Arms" (circa 1972), JDLC's 1st album, band members were: Wally Gonzales - lead guitar, Clifford Ho - bass guitar, Rene Sogueco - keyboards, Manny Santos - sax/flute/clarinet, Sandy Tagarro - drums. Bobot Guerrero posed for the "Up In Arms" album photo and became the JDLC band when Sandy Tagarro left. Other JDLC members: Pepe Smith - drum/vocals, Mike Hanapol - vocals/guitar, Nides Aranzamendez -drums, Gig Ilacad - bass guitar, +Lito Guanco - keyboard (deceased). Wally, Pepe & Mike became the popular, heart & soul, and mainstay of the JDLC band thereon after.

Judas (formerly the Sparks band):

Jungle Cats: The original members were Nilo Santos (drums), Eddie "Bokeng" Garcia (bass), and Joseph Ungson (rhythm/singer). Other latter band members were Tony Aranzamendez (bass), Nides Arranzemendez (drums), Poldy Aranzamendez (lead guitar). Played mostly Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton & other rock tunes.

Jungle Entry (Jungle Cats & Post Entry bands merged together): Nilo Santos (vocals), Danny Sanchez (drums/vocal), Jimmy Mendez (keyboards), Eddie Sioson (bass) & Poldy Aranzamendez (lead guitar).

Junk Factory: Members were Boy Royyo and Jane Villanueva, main vocalists, Butch Lara as the lead guitarist, Rico Velez on bass, Mon Alberto on keyboards, Lollie Florencio on second lead and Robert Villagracia on drums. They played the music by David Bowie (Space Oddity) , the Allman Brothers' band, Eric Clapton (Bell Bottom Blues), R&Bs, James Taylor and well selected pieces.

Junks Five and 3/4 (circa 1973): Pocholo Manipon - lead singer/guitarist, Butch Lara - vocal/guitarist, Larry Man (former keyboardist), Mon Alberto - keyboard, Tibo Chua - drums (now in US), & Bobby Fider - bass. The band regularly appeared in Tina Revilla and Ariel Ureta's Noontime Matinee TV Show. The group was managed by Litos Benavidez.

"JUST US" of Pearl Club in Olongapo (formerly" GOLDFINGERS", managed by Jess Manlapat):
GENE MAGBUTAY - Lead Guitar (now resides in Vancouver, Canada)
ROY ROSALES - Drummer (now resides in San Diego, California)
JESSE MAGBUTAY - Keyboard (now resides in Tokyo, Japan) and
BOY CADOCIO - Bass Guitar

Kamagong: Sammy Climaco (lead guitar)

The Kingsmen (organized in Manila on July 1, 1961 at Gerry Lanuza's birthday - the name was chosen, but we were already playing before that and we "retired" around May of 1967): Bob Dunn - lead vocals, Charlie deOglou - lead guitar, Ramon Faustmann - rhythm guitar, Carlos Faustmann - bass and Jon Achaval - drums.

Kingsmen: Ray Fabi - vocal/vibraphone (original member), Ignacio "Hady" Watanabe - 2nd guitar, Ador - lead guitar, Manny - keyboards, Lino - bass guitar, Teofilo "Pilo" - trumpet and Jun Vidal - drums. Circa 1976-77, played at Playboy Room @ Sierra Club (Olongapo) and Zero Club (Yokohama, Japan).

Lemans: Formed and managed by Boy Nunez - orig. drummer/keyboards. Other members were Dolan Aragon ( deceased ) on vocals, George Canapi - rythmn guitar, Ben Angeles - bass/ rythmn guitar, Jose - lead guitar, Baby - bass guitar and Nestor Malapitan - drums. The group was formed in the mid-sixties and performed mostly at parties,concerts, and guested on tv. The Lemans captured the best sounds of the DC 5 and the Kinks.

Les Shallows: Boy Santos - Rythmn/Lead Guitar; Ben Alix- Bass Guitar; Alex Ibanez – Drums; Alex Danzalan- Lead Vocal; Manny Medina- Lead Guitar.

Lodestars (1961-62): Dante Gatchalian – lead guitar, Noel Copiaco – rhythm guitar, Alex Buot – bass guitar, Rico Javier – drums. Former member: Richard Tantioco – lead guitar. Later members: Arthur Estrella – lead guitar, Edward Cham (replaced Noel) – rhythm guitar

Lordbees" Boyet (bass), Mandy (lead guitar), Johnny (vocals), Manok (trumpet), Tata Barican (drums), Joven Barican (trombone), Danny Barican(keyboard) and Rene Michida (drums/vocals).

Lord's and Lady: Fabian Villaruel (vocal/guitar), Ligaya Villaruel (vocals), Jesse Jocson (bass - now living in Japan), Eddie Meneses(sax/flute - now living in New York), Richard C. Botante (keyboards - now a Jazz musician). Sometimes played at Sulo Hotel in 1974-77 and then concentrating in Japan thru Royal Promotions.

Lost Individuals (1967-1969): KING LACSON - DRUMMER / VOCALS (now in Los Angeles, California); EFREN RAMOS - LEAD VOCALIST; EDWIN GUILLERMO - KEYBOARDS (later joined Total Presence); BOY NAVAL - BASS GUITARIST; RAMON LEONCIO - RHYTHM GUITARIST (now in Melbourne, Australia); and GORDON GERALDO - LEAD GUITARIST (now in London, England).

Lumberjacks: Chito Sibayan (guitar/vocals>, Boy Jongko (lead guitar), Vic Jongko (drums), Art Jongko (bass guitar), Rolly Ramos (keyboards) and Boy Aquino/Robert So (band managers). The Lumberjacks had 70 singles & 3 LPs during the 60s & 70s. The band earned THE BEST VOCAL GROUP during the 1969 Awit Awards in Manila for their 2nd LP album that was composed/produced by Danny Subido.

The Lunatics (regulars of the Niteowl Dance Party until the Celtics took over): The original members were Dado Amores (lead guitar), Bert Rigor (rhythm guitar), Ronnie Pariña (bass guitar) and Monet Zamora (drummer).

Lupang Hinirang group was one of the finalists during the 1975 Battle of the Bands (other performers were Florante, Banyuhay and few more). The group's entry song was called "School Day Blues," which is aired now and then at DZRJ. They were as follows: Argie Gacad, Eugene Gonzales, Pat Intalan, Andy Mendoza, Chris Portillo, Paeng San Gabriel, Egay Santos(+) & Duke Zuluaga.

The Madcaps (circa 1960-1965, the combo used to play in Bob Stewart's Channel 7 TV show): The original members were Julius Caesar Estacio (lead guitar), Jing Hernandez (rhythm guitar), Rey Ileto (bass guitar, lead guitar from '63) and Gerry Palencia (drums). Later members were Johnny Salientes/Benny Jalandoni (bass guitar) & Jun Salientes (drums).

THE MADISONS (formed by Rey Aquino and Conchita Aquino in Angeles City and performed in Angeles for quite a while and then toured the entire USA). From 1972-1975, the original members are: Conchita Aquino (lead vocal), Rey Aquino (lead guitar), Arthur Jimenez (bass), Eddie Gonzaga (sax, trombone - passed away in February of 2005), Rolando Cornista (sax, trombone, flute), Bert Velarde (drums) and Moody Reyes (keyboard). Then in 1974, Conchita and Rey Aquino left the band and was joined by Marilou Ventura (lead vocal), Freddie Soriano (lead). Freddie left the band and Wally joined the band from 1980-1985. The name changed to the "NEW MADISONS" and are still performing in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. The new members are: (1980-Present Time) Aysa Zamora(original member of Family Birth Control Band) (lead vocal), Chubby Aguas (lead vocal), Arthur Jimenez (he is still the bass player), Moy Villaverde (keyboard), Jessie Romasanta (drums). This band has been together for 26 years now...and still performing. For booking information please feel free to contact Aysa Zamora @ 847-844-0615 or 847-924-0680.

Magna Sound: Noy Villanueva, Mante Flores, +Marlon Ilagan (deceased).

BOY PAGUIO - LEAD VOCALS / SAX. (formerly with the Southeast Movement Band).
ROY ROSALES - DRUMS / VOCALS. (formerly with the Goldfingers,"JUST US " Band ).
HENRY CARDIEL - KEYBOARD / VOCALS.(formerly with the White Rabbit Band ).
ALBERT POMAR - LEAD GUITAR / VOCALS. (formerly with the Sticky Fingers Band,based in San Diego, Ca.) and
VICTOR NAVOS - BASS / VOCALS. (formerly based in Guam ).

Man's Temptations: Virgilio Vergel, Danny Ignacio, Lando

Maria Cafra (formerly the Psyclones): Resty Fabunan (lead guitar), +Jun Fabunan (bass, died last June 2002), Snaffu Rigor & Flor Mendoza on drums/percussions & Jojo Espino.

The Marvels (1960-1963, founded by Alexis Almendras): The members were: Lead Guitar: Niwa Ang; Rhythm Guitar/Vocals: Bing Samson; Vocals: Graham Brown; Bass Guitar: Ben Regalado; and Drummer: Dobby Regalado

Maynila Band (LA area, circa 1984): Chito Sibayan [Lumberjacks/Grandells] and Vic Jongko [Lumberjacks/Black Opinion]. The band's name have to The Light and Shadow Band and been very active in the LA music scene for the past 18 years! Chito Sibayan was a finalist in the 2nd Manila Metro Pop contest in 1979, and his most popular commercial was the "ahit Ruby, ahit pogi!".

Medium Rare Band: +Gary Bautista (guitar/vocals), Chito Ilagan (bass), Sonny Canizares (drums), George Fallarme (Hammond organ), Danny Favis (keyboardist Fender Rhodes/Arp Strings) and Mon Villanueva (vocalist).

Megatone: Pete Aristorenas Jr. & Sol Ibarle on guitars, Freddie Webb on drums.

Million Faces: Baby Dizon - Manager/Owner; then Danny Sumulong played Lead Guitar with the group and eventually became the Manager/Owner; Bobby Vett - Lead Vocals; Renato "Ato" Quitoriano - Lead Guitar/Vocals; Bing Basco - Bass Guitar; Sonny Panis - Keyboards & Rey Tolentino - Drums.

Mind's Interpretation (1968-1969): Members were Ben De Jesus (later joined Hotdog) & Tillie Moreno (later joined Circus Band) lead vocals, Jojo Monroy (later joined Moonstrucks & Birth of the Cool) as lead guitarist, Jess Dungan on rhythm, Bing Odulio on bass, Johnny Custodio as the drummer & Ernie Vinoya on keyboards. Linda Custodio/Rico Moreno were the managers.

Montereys (band was composed of Army Brats from Camp Aguinaldo, played mostly parties & a few college concerts in Manila): Edgar "Ega" Bueno (lead vocalist), Peter Bersola (lead guitar), Robert "Butog" Bersola (rythm guitar), Howard "Long Tall" Medina (bass) and Omie Hernandez (drums).

Moonstrucks: Alfredo Lozano Jr - founder, lead guitar ('62-'69), Rene "Toto" Ealdama - lead vocal ('64 up to now), Danny Subido - ('62-'68), Eddie Nicolas - vocal ('63-'67), Bert Buencamino - bass guitar ('63-'70), Cesar "Boyet" Manahan - rhythm guitar ('63-'74), Isagani "Sonny" Calagian - vocal, bass guitar ('71-'78), Bobby Sabater - drummer

Mother Earth Band: Gabe Ascalon - guitar, Colby dela Calzada - guitar, Joey Puyat - bass, Ed Jose - keyboards, Harry Tambuatco - drums, Uly Avante - percussion, Inch Gaddi - vocals, Cherry Mapua - vocals ('75), Maris Macaraeg - vocals ('75)

Music Making Company: The band just relocated back to the Philippines. Wilson tantongco was the lead singer of the Music Making Company in the 70s and they played at Manila Hotel and Philippine Plaza as well as toured Asia for a short while.

Muskratz (1964-1967): Tito Fainsan (mgr/owner), Sammy Climaco (lead guitar), Jojo Monroy (drums), Bong Castaneda (bass guitar), Jess Dungan (rhythm guitar/vocals) & Bing Odulio (2nd lead guitar/vocals).

Mushrooms: Alan Catuncan-vocalist, Sonny Montayre-bass/keyboards, Philippe Montayre-drums, Vic Samson-lead guitar and Boy Pingol-rhythm guitar. Managed by Danny Aguila. Mushrooms band routinely played gigs on the local scene from 1966-1970. Band members hang out with Snafu Rigor and Mike Hanopol, etc

Neophonics: Tommy Saga (bass guitarist, now residing in Kobe, Japan), Arnold Caberte (piano), Romy Canete (guitar) and Loreto Doroin (drums). This band played at Altavista and La playa at Dewey Blvd. (now Roxas Blvd) and at Luigis at Highway 54 ( now EDSA).

New Breed (Guam 1967):Ferdinand Magallanes (vocals/keyboard), Lody Yanto (vocals/bass), Robert Cabaddu (vocals/guitar) & Peter Santos (vocals/drums).

New Faces Band (1973-1978) : Rey Sanchez (band leader/guitar/Vocals), Bonjing Sanchez (vocal/drums), Bing Quiambao (vocals/keyboards), Boy San Jose (bass/vocals), Jimi Galvea (2nd guitar/drums/Vocals/2nd keyboard) & Paul Toledo (1973-1974, Vocal/2nd lead guitar).

New Man's Temptations Band (1978-1980): Rollie De Jesus (band leader/lead guitar), Taning Galang (sax & flute), Bebot Granada (trombone), Bing Quiambao (keyboard/vocals), Boy San Jose (bass/vocals), Ligaya Cipriano (singer), Nestor Sacorum (guitar/vocals) and Jimi Galvea (drummer/Vocals).

NEW VERSIONS (Version 1): Boy Diego (Keyboards), Vic Omila (Lead Guitar), Bong Valenzuela (Bass), Manny Salvador (Drums), Cesar (Brandy) Hermosa (Vocals & Percussions).

New Versions: Carlos "Boy" Jongko (lead guitar), Leonardo "Ebot" Santos (keyboards), Vic Omila (rhythm guitar/2nd keyboards), Carlito "Bong" Valenzuela (bass), Vic Jongko (drums) and Cesar "Brandy" Hermosa (vocals/congas).

New Minstrels: Aileen Dolina, Annette Belen, Louie Reyes, Eugene Villaluz, Ding Mercado, Mei-Ling Gozum, Cesar Villafuerte and Ray-An Fuentes.

Nice and Naughty (also sometimes known as the Missiles): This band toured Vietnam extensively in 1968 at the height of the war. Bert Bondoc – leader, drums and vocals; Tessie – vocals, Rick Mirador – keyboards, guitar, vocals, Boy Torralba – guitar, vocals; Berting – guitar, vocals; Melchor – lead guitar, vocals; Mandy – bass, vocals.

NOMADS '67: Caloy Rufo on lead guitar; Bong Concepcion on bass guitar; Danny Kayanan on rhythm guitar; Gunny on vocals and Yayi on drums.

Norrie Jacinto & The Black Diamonds (circa 1960-1962): Norrie Jacinto (Neil Sedaka of the Philippines), Manny Levy-lead guitar, Jing Alandy-rhythm guitar, Ben Hur Villanueva, Shonan Villanueva,Dodie Orduna - vocal backgrounds, bass guitars, drummer respectively.

NO SMOKING BAND: Felipe "Jhune" Basa (bass guitar)

ONE WAY UP BAND: Hanny (lead vocal), Alan (lead guitar), Mario (bass), Keith (keyboards), Alex (drummer), Max (saxophone, flute) and Lencho (trumpet, Flute).

The Originals: Ramon Eleazar - drummer/vocals, Pete Aristorenas - lead guitar/vocals, Benny Hufano - bass guitar & vocals, Rocco Nishi - keyboards/vocals and Sonny Beacher - lead vocals/rhythm guitar (+deceased late 80s). After their Guam stint, the band moved to Acapulco, Mexico & added German Gonzales as a horn player. The band was named into the Originals International.

Orient Band (circa '86 -'88; Indiana/Chicago, USA): Bert Hernandez- trumpet/keyboard; Romeo Regala- keyboard/vocals; Jimmy Briones- keyboards-bass; Manny Briones- lead guitar; Rey Briones- drums/vocals; Rading Aribi- bass player/vocals.

Orioles Band (70's): Babes Levy-lead guitar, Cesar Jaring-drummer, Earl Tittle-bass guitar, Ador Romero- keyboards, Noli Buan & Jimmy as vocals.

Our Daily Bread (Olongapo City, 1970-1983): The original members were Ric Garcia (lead guitar), Roland del Rosario (keyboard) Raymond Pussins (drums) and Everjardo Layug (bass).

Our Father (from Olongapo): Roy "Bembol" Castro (bass/vocal, now living in Hayward, Ca.)

Our Tribe (folk/rock band based in Angeles City, Pampanga) band started in 1976 and disbanded in 1981. The group was composed of Rey Reyes (vocals/ second lead guitar), Em Lumanog (bass guitar and a great classic guitar player featured once in "Hamon sa Kampeon", owner of the original Lumanog Music Store), Caesar Sabado (vocals,lead guitar, now an accountant in Saudi Arabia), Jun Obando (vocals/drummer, the only former member who's still playing music) and Carlos Torres (lead vocal and former Student Canteen winner). The band was a regular at Universe Pub during the late 70s and 1219 Restaurant in Angeles City, one day a week at Sam's Pizza along Magsaysay Blvd. in Olongapo City and occasionally at Bodega on Mabini St. and Bodega Folk Theater on Quezon Blvd.

Pacific Band ('88-'91 Indiana/Chicago): Jimmy Briones- bass guitar; Manny Briones- lead guitar; Rey Briones- drums/vocals; Steve Kurtz- keyboards/vocals. (92-97 Maryland/Virginia, USA) +Benny Orovillo- percussions; Jim O'Shea- saxophone; Geremie de Asis- vocalist; Renato- bass guitar/vocals; Al Baes-keyboards.

Parola Boys (originated from Cavite circa late 50s): Cornelio Alcoba (lead guitar, now residing in California), Manny Tagalog (drummer 1971)

Patay na Kuko:

PAULETTES BAND OF THE 60'S&70'S: Cora Veloso (bass guitar), Rina Ghigliotti (lead guitar/vocals), Liana Ghigliotti (keyboard/rythym), Vida Manabal (played drums from 1964 to 1966) and then joined by Cora Garcia aka Lyn (drummer till early 70's). The bands name was changed to ST. PAUL SISTERS and toured around the states and played in Las Vegas. Then it was changed to RINA ST PAUL and joined by Roy Guerzo (SOS) Vaughn Velasco (Bits&Pieces) and Ernie Gonzaga from 71-73. Now my band consist of Jun Paredes/vocals, Joanna Giuao/vocals-DJ, Dejesus/guitar-percussion, Bill Ghigliotti Veloria/drums, Randy Estiller/drums, Willie Inocensio/keyboard, Rod Stiles/keyboard.

People's Faces Band (1972): Rey del Rosario - keyboard, Pete & Paul Vilaga - vocalists, Davy Cruz - bass guitar, Boy Araw - drummer and Eddie "Galis" Romero - lead guitar.

Petrified Anthem: Walther Wirth, Bobby Wirth, John Wirth, Alan Tabhan, Paul Pascal

The Phantoms: Dickie de Silva (drums, Butch Prebot (guitar), G. Benson (guitar)

Phase-II: Johnny Alegre III, Joey Puyat

Pied Pipers (1965-1966)

Pink & Purple: Sonny Morales-keyboard; Gigi Teresa-vocalist; Tito Custodio-lead guitarist; Sonny Nabong-bass guitar, Boy Trinanes-drums; Brundy-trumpet; Lando-trombone; & Vei-sax/flute. The band was together for about six years and then broken -up.

PINOY BAND (circa 1973 - performed at THE HOTEL FIESTA PALACE in Mexico city, then toured all the famous beach resorts in Mexico): Danny Macasaet (guitar, vocals), Rene Sogueco (keys), Lito Rivera (bass, vocals), Ramon "Chimo" Yrure (drums, vocals), Gloria "Khikay" Punzal (vocals) and Ana Gonzales (vocals).

PINOY BAND (circa 1975 - toured the US as a dance-show band): Danny Macasaet (guitar, vocals), Rene Sogueco (keys), Edgar Pagalilauan (bass, vocals), Ramon "Chimo" Yrure (drums, vocals), Larry Gotis (vocals, percussion), and Gloria "Khikay" Punzal (vocals).

Pinoy Band (Washington, DC, USA - 1975-77), toured the east coast and midwest as dance/show band: Ramon Yrure (drums, vibes), Edgar Pagalilauan (bass, vocals), Danny Macasaet (guitar, vocals), Rene Sogueco (keyboards) and Khikay (vocals).

Pinoy Band (Washington, DC, USA - 1977-84)), toured the east coast and midwest as dance/show band: Khikay (vocals), Danny Macasaet (guitar, vocals), Edgar Pagalilauan (bass, vocals) - front performers. Backed by American horn players, keyboard players, lightmen and soundmen.

Pioneers Band: Atek Jacinto, Sonny Garcia, Neri Dionisio and Tito Beltran.

Playmates (Instrumental band cc 1963): Arthur Estrella – lead guitar, Edward Cham – rhythm guitar, Alex Buot – bass guitar, Rico Javier - drums

The Pollettes (a popular all-girl combo) during the early 60s that toured Japan.

Polka Dots formed at Cubao, Quezon City, 1958-59. Members were: Raul Castro, Jaime Comia, Rene Corpus, Nabuerso Natividad, Leo Escasa, and Art Maniquis.

Post Entry: Danny Sanchez (manager/drummer), Jun "Totoy" Beltran (vocals), Eddie Sioson (bass guitar), Nesto Bringas (rhythm guitar), Romy Santiago (lead guitar), Jimmy Mendez (keyboard) and Boy Fernandez (drummer).

Psychotic Illusions (Guam 1967): Tony Antonio (lead vocals), Elizer "Boy" Gonzales (lead guitar/vocals), Rosell Galay (rhythm guitar/vocals), Jojo Calubaquib (bass/vocals), Ben Yanto (organ/vocals) & +Ramon de Guzman (drums, deceased 1974). Dado Santos replaced Rosell Galay and Danilo "Boy" Vicente replaced Ramon de Guzman on drums.

Purple Hairstreak (1968 - 1969): Peter Vilaga (vocals), Boy "Araw" Anteola (drummer), Davy Cruz (lead guitar), Renato "Naning" Geslani (bass guitar) and Benny Yumol (keyboards).

Purple People: Renato "Babes" Tolentino-keyboards, Joy Maniquis-drums, Jing Maniquis-lead vocals/guitar, Spanky Rigor-bass/vocals, Napo Flores-lead guitar and Mrs. Vitan, manager-now deceased.

The QUARRYMEN (circa '66-68): Candy Dizon (Spirit of 67), lead vocals; Johnny Velasquez (Spirit of 67), vocals and rhythm guitar; Mari Casas (US-based banker), vocals and bass guitar; Philip Sevilla (US-based IT), vocals and lead guitar; Sammy Zamora (Nat'l Sports Grill), rhythm guitar; Iggy Clavecilla (champion golfer), vocals and keyboards; Jimmy Araneta, vocals; Ricky Santos, drums; Vic Fernandez, manager; Dave Brodett, asst mgr.

The Quartermen (1963-1966): Lead Guitar: Butch Tinio; Rhythm/Vocals: Bing Samson; Bass/Founder: Vic Buan; Drums: Tito Hubilla; Keyboards and Guitar: Babe Rasalan; and Vocals: Graham Brown

RJ & the Riots (founded in 1960): Ramon Jacinto - lead guitar/founder, Alan Austria - bass guitar, Jimmy Colayco - rhythm guitar and +Bernie Evangelista - drummer (deceased)

Rainmakers: Julian Oteyza-lead vocalist from UST, Ramon Olmedo-lead guitar from Mapua, Omar Oteyza-Bass form FEU, Mike Olmedo-Rhythm guitar and Clemens Puno-Drums from UE. The band was based in Blumentrit, Manila and performed at private parties, battle of the bands and TV programs. Arthur Macasinag eventually joined the band and played lead guitar. Julian harmonized with Noli de Goma to Everly Brothers tunes.

Ramrods: The original members were Orly Ilacad (lead guitar), Manuel Galvez (rhythm guitar) Virgilio Bertol (bass) and Tony Tuviera (drums). Others were Snaffu Rigor - drummer ('68-'72), Guy Ilacad, Chuck Llarina & Sonny Ilacad. Second wave of Ramrods were: Orly Ilacad - lead guitar, Bobby Guzman - rhythm guitar, Mon Polintan - bass and Rolly Polintan - drums

Rampage: Rody Aquino (San Beda College) started and managed the Rampage in 1963 from the former members of the Adlibs. The group was based in Bacood, Santa Mesa, Manila. The members were: Lead Guitar – Anthony Carranceja who was later replaced by Willy Nepomuceno; Tito Villamarin was replaced by Jody Evangelista (San Sebastian College) on Rhythm guitar and vocals; Edgar Cruz (Ateneo) later replaced Boyie Abola on Base Guitar; Edgar (Egay) Inocentes (U.P.) on drums. Jun Flores (U.E.) also joined on vocals and the band went on to specialize on Everly Brothers tunes. The band had performed in concerts at San Sebastian College, San Beda College, FEU and the Rizal Theater. They were also regulars on the hit TV series Dance O'Rama, hosted by Butch (Anson) Roa and Pete Roa.

RASPBERRYMEN (formerly MONARCHS, humbling beginnings was formed at Don C. Revilla St. ( formerly Sgt. Mariano ), Pasay City. Specializing on 'The Doors' types of music. They were also regulars on the Nineteeners tv show directed by Sonny Andico and performed at Roxas Blvd. ( Bayside Club, Laplaya, Colonial, The Flame, Executive Hotel ). The group also went abroad and performed in Vietnam and Japan.):
Vocalist - Fortunato (ATONG) Cervantes
Lead Guitar - Rodolfo (RUDY) Culling
Rhythm Guitar - (the late) Ruben Antonio
Bass Guitar - Alfredo (FRED) Ngo
Keyboard - (the late) Manuel (MANNY) Frias
Drums - Icasiano (TATTY) Alejandro
Manager - Oscar De Guia

RJ & the Riots: Ramon Jacinto (lead guitar, founder), Bernie Evangelista (drums), Alan Austria (bass guitar)

RJ & the Riots USA: During his exile in US, Ramon Jacinto regrouped the Riots with new members - Ramon Jacinto(guitar, vocals); Raymond Ungson(bass, background vocals); Burnell Bunch (guitar, background vocals); Mike Salvador (drums); Roger Ferrer (congas); Bobbie Vandervort (vocals in 'Don't Let Go').

Reactions Bands (formerly Falcons):

Reactors (formed at Balete Drive, Quezon City - played at school concerts and parties in the mid 60's.): The band members were Tito Chavez (lead guitar & vocals), Tony Chavez (bass guitar/vocals), Eddie Gosiengfiao (rhythm guitar/vocals), Fer Soriano & Bobby Gabriel (alternate on drums), Alternate members were: Jun Syquia, Suseng Rivera, Henry Rangel, Buddy Poblacion, Joey Crisostomo, Jessie Suzara, Mandy Ramos & Chito Gabriel. The band was managed by Mr. & Mrs. Isidro Perez.

The Rebels: +Victor Cruz (deceased) lead guitar, Niki Domingo - second lead/vocals, Freddie Dimalanta - bass guitar, Peter Patos - drummer, +Oscar Pasamba (deceased) second lead/vocals and Ramon de Leon - vocals/percussion. Sound Tech - DASO.

Rebels (1965-1967 - from Bacood Sta. Mesa & formed by the Lanuza brothers in the early 60's. The band Won 1st prize in Comboree 1966 band competition). Members were Ruben Lanuza (bass), Angelo Lanuza (drums), Willie Lanuza (rhythm guitar, vocals), Jun Lopez (2nd lead/keyboards), Bobby Lanuza (keyboards) and Lito (lead). The band's manager was Eduardo Lanuza. The band changed their band name to "Young Rebels" later.

Recipe Band (circa 1979, on board the SS Veracruz): Susan Barry - vocal, Rolly Rodriguez - keyboards & tenor sax (now with Jewelmer Jazz in Manila), Mario Talag - bass guitar (now with Jun Cadiz jazz trio in Manila), Vic Bongat - trombone, flute, alto sax and percussions (now a session player in Vancouver, also played with Rumba Calzada), Jun Vidal - drums and +Sergio "Bebot" Igbuhay (deceased) - lead guitar/lead vocal (former Imagination Band in Olongapo early 70's).

Red Fox: Rene Garcia (lead), Dennis Garcia (bass), Bobby Padua (vocals), Choi Valero (keyboard).

Regents: Rey Sanchez, lead guitar cc 1962.

REICHSTAGS (formed in 1963 in Baguio City - played at school concerts and parties in the mid-60s to early-70s). The original members were: Rodie Batongmalaque (lead guitar & vocals); Ed de Guia (rhythm & vocals); Alex Aquino (bass & vocals); Jojo Bautista (drums & vocals) [+deceased]; and Ojie Icasa (alternate drums). Alternate members: Jesus "Boy" Posadas (rhythm & vocals), Benedict Avila (rhythm & vocals), and Rae 'Pogi' David (keyboard) who joined in late-60s until the band disbanded in 1973-4. Managers: Mr.& Mrs. Fernando Bautista.

Remains (Pinoy band in Guam of late 60s): Ben Yanto-bass guitar/keyboards/vocals, Ferdy Magallanes-keyboards/guitar/vocals, Robert Cabaddu-guitar/vocals, Dado Santos-bass guitar/guitar/vocals & Roger Jereza-drums/vocals.

R-GENTS COMBO: Renato "Porky" Gomez (lead guitar), Reny Congmon (drummer), Rudy Sanchez (bass guitar), Rolly Miranda (organist/vocalist), Eddy Grulla (vocalist) & Felix Miranda (vocalist).

The Rhyme & Rythm band (founded in 1983): The original members were Willy Inocencio (vocals/keyboard) presently playing with the US Navy Rock Band in Jacksonville, Florida. Willy played the opening concerts for the following bands KANSAS, STYX, SMASH MOUTH & THE 100th Birthday of Bob Hope last 2003 in Chicago. Sandro Cruz (rythmn guitar) son of Bel (Bugudoy) Cruz, Ferdie (drummer, lead vocals), Rading (bass guitar), Romy (Trumpet). Nonoy Generoso, Lando, Susan, Merlie and Grace Lambinicio (vocals). The band was also managed by Vic Cruz of "Vic & The Family Cruz Band".

Riffs (managed by Lito Borromeo):

Rivets: Hubert “Abet” Co – drummer, Cesar Puyat – lead guitar, Eddie Santiago and Boying.

Road Nuts (early 60's combo): Bobby Ardena (drums), P. Munzon (guitar)

The Robins: Mon Pestano (drums), Jess Maniquis (lead guitar), Rene Molina (bass guitar), Agustin Molina

The Rocky Fellers were a quintet of four Filipino brothers and their father, discovered by producer Stanley Kahn and signed to Scepter Records in early 1963. They had one hit, "Killer Joe, " written by Bert Berns (as Bert Russell), which got to No. 16 in the spring of 1963, big enough to get them a chance to record a complete LP for the label. They were more of a novelty act than anything else, and faded away with the arrival of the British invasion, disappearing from view after the mid-1960's. ~ Bruce Eder, All Music Guide

The Rookies (1960): Jess Santos (lead guitar), Tony Matias (2nd lead), Bill Chan (bass), Gigi Santos (drums) & Boy Medina (rhythm guitar).

Ronnie Villar & the Firedons

Rudy Imperial & the Playboys

SAINTS: Manager- Manny Almendras; 1st Lead- Butch Tinio; 2nd Lead- Bunny Cuna; Rythym- Bobby Sison; Bass- Chito Sison; Drummer- Jughn Chanco; Vocals- Danny Espiritu. Placed 1st on a nationwide tough competition on "1st National Darigold Combo Jamboree" hosted by Leila Benitez & Mr. Ledesma.

Samantha Band: Edwin Bunales (lead guitar/vocals), Roger Cantor (keyboards/vocals), Rudy Lorenzo (guitar) & Jimmy Abinales (drumms).

Sampaguita: Gary Perez - lead guitar, Arnold Jallores & Boy Vargas - guitars, Edmond Fortuno & Junko on drums, Rey Nunez on bass, Tony Aragon & Gerry Nisperos on keyboards, Alex Cruz on sax, Rene Carillo on rhythm guitar, Uly Avante on percussions and the back up vocals were Mao Carillo, Emee Fortuno, Babsie Molina, Cecile Azarcon & Elsie Gadoy.

Sandmen: Roger Jereza

Sangkatutak Band: Dan Bornilla - band leader/keyboard, Benjie Sodario - drums, Richard Merk - vocals

Savages: Peter Aristorenas Jr.-lead guitar, Nides Aranzamendez-drums, Frank-bass and Jun-2nd guitar.

Scums of the Earth: 1969-1971. Boy Paran – Manager; Bok Vergara – lead guitar, vocals; Cery Soliman – rhythm, vocals; Bede Llaguno – bass, vocals; Rorie Serra – drums, vocals.


The Shifters ((Malabon, Rizal '63-'66): Rene Santos - Lead guitar,Marte Soriano - Rhythm guitar, Tony Sioson - Drums, Augusto Camus - Bass guitar, Lucio Santos - Rhythm guitar, and Albert Sevilla - Lead vocals.

Sino Band: Rolie Mancilla, Amet Mendoza (drummer) and others

Sisa (folk group): Archie (lead singer/guitar), Zenen Quiambao (rhythm Guitar), Lino (rhythm guitar), Pong (bass) and Efren Allado (drums).

Sociables: Dan Bornilla

Society Of Seven (Hawaii-based Fil-Am band, circa 70s): Bert Nievera, Albert Maligmat, Bert Sagum, Fred Romero, Terry Lucido, Tony Ruivivar and Don Gay (Jun Polistico and Billy Rivera were later replacements).

Soul Jugglers:

The Spectaculars: Bonggo Ferraren, +Bing Madrinan (deceased) SPINNERS (mid-60’s “Nine Teeners” era): Boy Lerum (Vocals & Manager), Sonny Lerum (Lead Guitar), Nony Cabalfin (Rhythm Guitar), Edgar Carvajal (Bass Guitar) and Rey Bernabe (Vocals). SPINNERS Part 2: Sonny Lerum (Lead Guitar), Nony Cabalfin (Rhythm Guitar), Edgar Carvajal (Bass Guitar), Rey Bernabe (Vocals). Rene Sugueco (Keyboards) later joined The Flintstones, Henry Toribio (Keyboards & Vocals - brother of Lito Toribio, the first drummer of ElectroManiacs. Henry later joined The Jitterbugs and he also released a number one hit “Twenty Minutes Before Take-off” with Dan Samonte and better known as “Dan-Henry”.

Split Ends (circa 1973-1974, performed in Olongapo City Clubs):
Jeremy Navarro(bakke): lead guitar extraordinaire and technical director
Andy Galang (afro): bass/keybords &vocals
Fidel(chinggo ): guitar and wonderful things
Jongjong Asinas (dimples): drums & thunder and super vocals
Hector O'Campo (Hecke Babes): lead vocalist/bass & performer and he's now playing guitar in San Francisco, CA - Vagrant Sire (Hard Rock//Heavy Metal)

Squash Machine Band (1977- early '80s, house-band of Wells Fargo's Today & Tonight in Dewey Blvd): Jun Saarenas (sax player)

Squirrel Tooth Annie (Fil-Am band formed in Michigan, USA circa 1969): Tito Bautista - lead guitar/vocals, John Tiedt - rhythm guitar/vocals, Noel Copiaco - bass guitar/vocals, Allan Jirik - steel guitar/banjo & Henry Lokey - drums/backup vocals.

The Standard: Lito delos Santos- guitar/ vocal.. Raul delso Santos- guitar/keyboard/vocal... Ollie delos Santos / drums/ vocal...Jun Saballa, Abet Paner, Boyet Jao joco, Toots, Bonnie/ bass/ vocals. Performed mostly abroad and Olongapo. The Standard band was hailed from Buting, a small barangay of pasig city. Ollie, the youngest continue playing with different bands in Olongapo and in abroad to prolong his career. He's now living in South Korea for nearly twenty years now.

SUNDOWNERS: Original members were lead guitar-JUN AGUDO, 1st rhythm guitar-EMIL PANIS, 2nd rhythm-JOEY CHANEY, bass gutiar-RENATO ( ATO) QUITORIANO, drums-REY (DENARD) TOLENTINO, vocals-RAYMOND ESTELLA, Then ART MORTA joined the band as the 2nd lead guitarist. Manager-MRS. JUDY CHANEY (DECEASED). GUILBERT (TOTI) SOLIS/LONNIE NUNEZ-road managers. SUNDOWNERS 2 were: lead gutiar-BONG REQUILLO (former SANDMEN), rhythm guitar-ROBERT (BOB) RAMOS (former VIBRATORS), drums-JET TOLENTINO, bass gutiar-BING BASCO, vocals- BOBBY VETTE VASQUEZ, 2ND rhythm guitar/vocal-DANNY MANALANG. The group also managed by MRS JUDY AND JOE CHANEY and JIMMY ORTEGA-road manager. SUNDOWNERS 3 (under IKE SANTIAGO-manager): lead guitar-JUN AGUDO which then replaced by BUNCH BURNELL, bass guitar-ATO QUITORIANO, drums- REY TOLENTINO, keyboard-ERIC DE LEON which them replaced by BOBBY VELOSO, vocals-RAYMOND ESTELLA. Sundowners 4 were: Rey "Denard" Tolentino - drums, Renato "Ato" Quitoriano - bass guitar/vocals, Jun Agudo - lead guitar/vocals, Jojo Romualdez - keyboards, & Sonny Panis - rhythm guitar/vocals.

Sunflower Children: Nestor de las Alas (guitar), Jun Medina (+deceased), Dodie Sta. Rita (drums), Jess Magbutay (keyboards) and Tony Mendoza (bass).

Surf Riders:

The UP FROM DOWN UNDER band in Sydney Australia was born in Sydney in 1993 when a group of expatriate Filipino musicians came together to share a common passion for 70's music. The band name is a geographic pun - Manila is UP FROM Sydney (DOWN UNDER). The band members are: Romy David (lead guitar, vocals), Sharyn David (lead vocals), Joven Villanueva (drums), Bonsi Villanueva (percussion, vocals), Jujie Agudo(keyboards, bass, vocals).

Sweet Lollipops Band (played at the Banaue Disco Club and Sky Club Cubi PT., '76-79) '79-80, performed in Japan and Guam also. Bass guitar- Zeny Alviar, Lead guitar/vocals - Lulu Bonito, vocalist - Bella Bonito, drummer - Arlene Alviar, and keyboard - Evelyn Alviar.

The Ends: Gabby Paredes, Bimbo Santiago (Spirit of 67), Danny Macasaet, Boy Macasaet, Johnny Sison, Eric Gatchalian. The 2nd generation members of The Ends were: "EG" Paras - lead, Rene Puno - vocals, Mon Gadi - Rhythm, Alex Samson - bass, Jimmy Azanza - Drums. The band was managed by Litos Benavides and played mostly in Enrique Hotel and other local places in Manila from 1971 - 1974.

Technicolors: The original members were Eddie Villanueva (lead guitar), Louie Villanueve (bass guitar), Paul Pascal (first rhythm), Victor Lopez second rhythm) and Tony Tuviera (drums). This group was formed by Rollie & Tony Grande brothers as managers and pro. Victor Lopez was later replaced by Joey Nacuspag around 1965. The Technicolors was used to be known as the Starfires in its earlier years with the same original members except for Tony Tuviera and Joey Nacuspag who joined later on, Tony came from Orly Ilacad's Ramrods. The other original Starfires were Bertito Villanueva (eldest of the Villanueva brothers), Victor Rivilla, Vicente Arenas,Jr. and +Adrian Conde (who passed away in the later years from a car accident).

The Telstar: Vic Sumulong (lead guitar)

THE REST OF THE FAMILY: Manny Tagalog on drums, Rene Garcia on guitar (RED FOX/HOTDOG), Cholo Santiado on vocals, Boy Vitaliano on keyboards (UP FROM DOWN UNDER), G.HANOPOL on bass and Ramon Locsin as the band manager.

Thunderbirds (1963-1965): Jun Roque (lead guitar), Tony Huelves (rhythm guitar), Arthur Fajardo (drummer), Ben Hufano (bass guitar), Danny Francisco (vocals), Boy Cuneta (vocals), Manny Flores (vocals), +Gerald Anderson (drum, deceased), Boy Enriquez (manager) and Anak (sound coordinator).

Tilt Down Men: Vicente "Tito" Sotto III, Val Sotto, Boy Coo, Penny de la Riva, Delio Pascual, +Burnell Bunch (deceased) and Joey Murphy (the bandleader and drummer).

Time Machine: Emil Mijares-band leader/keyboard/arranger; Tito Custodio-Lead guitar; Sonny Nabong-bass guitar, Jun Regalado -drums; Female singers: Celeste Legaspi, Didit Reyes; Male Singers: Anthony Costelo, +Eddie Nicolas (deceased) and a lot of pro-musicians on ridge section, brass section and etc.

TNJ (regulars of various folk houses, My Father's Moustache, Bodega, Spindle, Kola House, International Pub, Pension Pilipino, Hobbit House, etc.): Members were Tony Bufete, Noli Aurillo and Joey Montilla. They were the finalist of the Pinoy Folk Contest. They disbanded on 1978. Noli Aurillo still plays regularly at Hobbit House and is an arranger for various Pinoy records.

Tony Trias & the Frolics

T. Tinio Blues Band: Bob Razon, Jimmy Joseph, Anthony Borromeo, Al, Bing Labrador, Carol Otstoff & Vicky Kvoriak.

Total Presence: The original members were Fidel 'Fido' Cabacungan (drums/back up vocals), Sammy Cabacungan (lead guitar/vocals), +Pocholo Manipon (bass guitar/vocals, deceased 2004), Edwin Gillermo (organ) and managed by Anita Manansala (mother of Edgar/Rey Manansala of the Crystals). Later added were Ernie 'Embot' Santiago (percussion,second guitar,vocals), Alfonso 'Chito' Ilagan (bass guitar to replace Cholo) and Lerry 'Noy' Villavueva (2nd guitar/vocals). Other additions were Vic Zalamea (trumpet,flugelhorn), Ben Palisok (sax), Chris (trombone), Victor 'Pungay' Bongat (trombone replaced chris), Raul 'Boy' Capili (trumpet replaced Vic Z.) and Maynardo 'Mai' Belarmino (sax replaced Ben).

Trailers: Darigold Jamboree band

Traveling Elites: Managed by Bert Bondoc

TRIPOD Folk Group (regulars of various folk houses, Pension Filipina, Ye Auld Country, International Pub, Taberna Filipina, , My Father's Moustache, Kola House, Hobbit House, etc.): Members were Gerry Suarez, Bon Bunales and Ed Magat. Cesar Aguas later replaced Ed. They sometimes were invited to perform in TV noontime shows. They disbanded on 1979. Gerry is in Vegas and plays in a band on some occasions while Bon still plays once in a while in some nursing homes in NJ. Ed Magat went back to the Phils after living & playing in some bands for many years in CA while Cesar Aguas is one of the most sought-after guitarists in the Philippine musical scene and he is also a musical arranger as well as a musical director.

Trojans (formed by Numeriano "TING" Bouffard in the Spring of l96l): Members were Joseph Murphy (drums), Serafin Alfonso (lead guitar), Ador Romero (2nd lead guitar), Arthur Santos (bass guitar who later on became a member of the Electromaniacs), and Ling Aranas (alternate drummer) as well as Manny Levy in lead guitar. The group primarily did some FallOuts at UST, CEU, Letran and other gatherings such as weddings, fiestas, birthday parties, etc. The higlhlite of the group was the regular gig of the JAM SESSION TV program hosted by Bobby Ng and later on with Ginnie Pia's SHINDIG both shows were live shows at the ABS-CBN studios along Dewey Blvd. in Pasay City. Ador (Sal) Romero currently plays with the Asian Society Band based Minneapolis/St.Paul area still rockin' after all those years.

TUMBLEWEEDS: Bobby Mabasa (Lead Guitar), Larry (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals), Lito Zabat (Drums) from Jovials replaced Ogot Jacobo and Fred Herrera (Bass, Vocals)

Ultimate Jury (1969): Sammy Climaco (lead), Boy Posadas and Boy Gabriel (vocals), Eddie Congmon (bass), Marito Moreno (drums), and Benny Yumol replaced Tillie Moreno on the keyboards. This band was a regular of TV shows 9 Teeners and the Scene.

Untouchables (1962): Poyo Chanco, Lito Melchor, Millard L. Teopaco & Danding Lucero

Ugat: Eddie Fritz - vocals, Dennis Manalo - lead guitar, Ely Victoria - keyboard, Jun Lopez - bass guitar and Sonny Canizares - drums. [added May 22, 2002]

Ugly American: Bert (Botong),Tony Pangan, Antonio “Nonni “boy” Escuin jr. leader (ryhtymn/vocal), Toti Munsod (guitar/keyboards), Edward Escuin (vocal/percussions) & Fred Enaje (lead guitar). Toti and Fred later joined the KayGees of Kiko Gatchailian in Hongkong.

Ulo Ng Apo:

Ups and Downs: The band was managed by the brothers Tony and Fred Punzalan and had Lerry "Noy" Villanueva on guitar/vocals, Mante Flores on vocals, Ernie "Embot" Santiago on bass, Julio "Butch" Bueno on rhythm guitar and Sonny Melgarejo on drums.

Up From Down Under: Vit (keyboards) Cholo Santiago (lead vocal), Billy Cabal (guitar), Berg Villapando (lead guitar), Jake Arellano, Frank Villapando, Alice Sabalones & Lory Paredes.

The Vandals: Jing Warren - lead, Nino Lim - rhythm, Eddie Francisco - bass and QP Paredes - drums. The band played in a number of school concerts then including "Vibrations '62" held at the San Sebastian Auditorium.

Vanishing Tribe: Johnny Alegre III, +Edmund Fortuno (deceased)

Velvet Teens (all girl band cc 1964): Linda Macapagal – lead guitar/vocals, Delia Macaranas – rhythm guitar/vocals, Nelia Canlas – bass/vocals, Ruby Fernandez – drums/vocals.

Versatiles: The group was owned and managed by Margot Lim, owner and manager of the well-known Vanidades, maker of women’s dresses catering a lot of movie actresses, in the sixties. The group played music by the Beatles, Dave Clark Five, The Monkeys, The Byrds and many more. They performed at weekend parties which was the craze during our time, in and around Manila and some surrounding provinces. They also had some concert performances in various colleges and theaters, like the Shindig II in Rizal Theater. The band were doing well but were disbanded when two of its members died in a car accident on their way home from the birthday celebration of the drummer, Ago. Members were:
Margot Lim, owner, manager
Bobby Lim, lead guitar, lead singer
Victor Cruz, rhythm guitar, singer
Danny Ignacio, keyboard, singer
Freddie Dimalanta, bass, singer
Ago Enrile, drummer, singer

Vibrators: The Vibrators started around 1959 with Gordon M. Baranda - Lead Guitar, Roberto Ramos - Rythmn, Henry Sunga - Drums, Alex Ibanez - Bass. Then in the mid '60, the drummer was Carmelo (MITZ) Rocha passed away and was replaced by Augusto(Tito) Hubilla. The in 1962 there was a full change of players, Gordon Baranda plays the lead, Roberto (Bobby) Atendido - rythmn, Noel (Sonny) Izon - bass, Cesar (Babes) Rasalan - second rythmn, Augusto (Tito) Hubilla - Drums, and Graham Brown and Roberto (Bobby) Vasquez as lead vocals. The abnd played Shadows, Ventures, Eagles UK, and others vocals. Benedict Albert Sy was the manager.

Vibrosonics (managed by Albert Rusca): George Ramos, Jess Jocson, Boy Rusca, Peping Cruz and Nestor Pangilinan as the original members.

Vicky & the Holding Company (early 70s) was very popular in Subic, Olongapo RP. Around 1974, the group went to Chicago, USA & played thru around 1985. Jimmy Briones- bass guitar; Manny Briones- lead guitar; Boy Malihan- keyboards; Joseph Hail- drummer; Bert Hernandez- trumphets; Bobby Hadulon- saxophone; Cris and Vicky Gallarde - vocals.

Volts: Instrumental rockers cc 1961.

VST & Company: Spanky Rigor (vocals/ producer), Celso Llarina (rhythm guitar/producer), Monet Gaskell (vocals), Male Rigor (vocals), Roger Rigor (vocals) Val Sotto (vocals), Jun Medina (vocals) passed-away in mid-90s in San Francisco, Vic Sotto (vocals/producer), Joey de Leon (composer/lyricist), Tito Sotto (manager/producer), Homer Flores (musical arranger/keyboards), Chito Ilagan (bass), Boy Alcaide (drums), Ben Escasa (percussions), Clod Baria (trombone) and Fred Concepcion (trumpet).

WABAD (which stands for Davao where the band was originated): Tato Malay, Nonoy Tan (vocalist/songwriter), Rey Magtoto, Ramon Torralba and +Benjamin Cauilan Sr. (drummer, deceased 1990).

Wanderers; Rudy Lorenzo (guitar/vocals)

Whirlwinds: The original members were Nilo Santos (drums), Jun Garcia (rhythm guitar), Herman Garcia (bass guitar), and Poldy Aranzamendez (lead guitar). The played mostly Ventures & Shadows tunes. Other latter members were Nides Aranzamendez (drums), Tony Aranzamendez & Pete Aristorenas (lead guitars), Jun (2nd lead) & Frank (bass).

White Rabbit (performed at Oceans Eleven club in Olongapo): Daggie Florez (lead guitar), Sonny (bass), Henry Cardiel (keyboards), Rico (vocals) & Willie Bonifacio (drums).

Widebeast: Ben Marasigan, Jun Montemayor, Ely Guerero, Tony Aranzamendez & Raymond Ungson.

WILDBUGS (1964-1968): Over the years under Linda Custodio, Manager (Johhny Custodio was just our drummer never our manager). Members were: Ben De Jesus (later joined Hotdog) & Benjie Liongson, lead vocals, Sammy Climaco, Bobby, Jojo Monroy (played bass guitarist as well and later joined the Moonstrucks & Birth of the Cool) lead guitarists, Peewee, second lead guitarist, Vic Generoso (later joined Dynasouls) & Jess Dungan, rhythm guitarists, Tony Generoso (later joined Dynasouls), Freddie "Boy" Dimalanta (later joined Versatiles), Bing Odulio & Edmund Villarosa, bass guitarists, Johhny Custodio, drums & Ernie Vinoya, keyboards. NOTE: Most of us were Letranites so we were the "MOBS" band then while the "HAVOCS" had TILT DOWN MEN during those trying and rebellious years!

Wildfires: Jackie Vargas, Mon de Dios, Popoy Juico & Millard Teopaco

THE WIZARDS (1962-1974): Original members were Alex Gabat (lead guitar/vocals, now lives in Secaucus, New Jersey USA), Nick Bautista (bass guitar/vocals-RP), Pol Bautista (rhythm guitar-RP), Jun Ortiz (drummer/vocals & former Manager of the Moonstrucks Band-RP) and Tito Bautista (keyboard-RP).

Wizards Band (founded 1963): Joey Villanueva (lead guitar), Ching Olanday (rhythm guitar), +Larry Totten (drums - now deceased) and Lino Lammoglia (bass guitar).

Wonderers (prelude to the Celtics): Rey Sanchez (lead guitar), Jojo Yrure (drummer), Gener Velasquez (bass), Abe Tanada (keyboards) and Gani Barreto (second lead).

Swooners: +"Bosyo" Fortuno (drums), Ronnie Parina (bass guitar)

"The Young Ones" of 173 Wilson Street in San Juan: Litos Benavidez (Lead Guitar), Gonzalo del Villar (Rhythm Guitar/Vocal), Andy Silos (Bass Guitar), Louie Pimentel (Drums), Fazil Taleon (Keyboard/Lead Vocal), Ike Borja (Percussion/Vocal), Sol de Vega (Hawaian Guitar), and Liliom Taleon (Soloist). Fazil Taleon used to be a member of the "Technicolors" as back up keyboard. Vic Rivilla who also was one of the originals of Technicolors, married to Linda Velayo, passed away in 2004.

YOUTH OF DAWN (1968-1971 at Stop, Look & Listen): ED FINLAN, JAN YOUNG FLOR CABAL (keyboard), ERNIE (lead guitar), VER (bassist), JIMMY (drums) & GUY (on vocals).

Zero History (the band assembled & played at Olongapo/Angeles circuit): Band members were Joey Smith, Jimmy Lacsamana - bass, Boy Paa - keyboard and Tony Jalandoni - guitar. Then later on came along, Wally Gonzalez (lead guitar), +Edmund Fortuno - drum (deceased 3/2000), Rene Sogueco - keyboards, Mike Hanopol (keybooards/vocals & Rino (bass).

Zombies: Bert Acdan - manager, +Louie Arrellano (lead guitar, deceased), Edgar Generoso and Gerry Geronimo (drums), Andy Generoso (rhythm guitar), +Boying Reyes (bass guitar, deceased). Mga Amuyong - Katek, Cleto, Paquito, Vic & Pancho Salanguit. According to Edgar 'Egay' Generoso: The Original Zombies band - composed of Andy (rhythm), June (drums) and Edgar (lead) - all Generoso (brothers) plus (if i remember right) - Willy Victoria (bass) - mga 1962 - 1963 ito. then, the band became "Bert and Bees" The Zombies - Bert Acdan (manager), Bee Serrano (manager - i think he also plays the keyboards), Larry Briones and Louie Arellano (lead), Boying Reyes (bass), Andy Generoso (rhythm), Edgar Generoso (drums). Bee, Louie, Boying and Andy have died. added info - Andy became a disc jockey - last stint at dzrj and he was known as "Handy Andy" then.

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