A Piece Of My Thought

by Dodie Santa Rita

Music has been and always will be a part of our human existence. Nowadays, we live in a society entirely massaged by music. At any place we go, music reverberates upon our audio senses. Music is also present to fill-in as some sort of background in any particular event, may it be joyful or sad, peaceful or at war. Try running away from it by turning on your television to a news channel and you’ll hear music that accompanies the newscast airplay. Go to a kiosk to enjoy the cool refreshments, there’s music as well as go to a dentist or a physician’s clinic, there is music.

If anybody would comment that music started only some thousand of years ago, then let them try to read the Bible in the Book of Job, chapter 38 and verses 4 to 7. It was divinely revealed therein that God’s creational activity was accompanied by angelic singing and musical jubilation. It is then no wonder that He produced a creation inherent of a great affection to music.

Music has as its purpose, to serve as a conduit for us to comprehend invisible truths, (or, deceptions, false ideas and concepts as well). In any ways that it is used, we can see that music is a means of expression, emotionally and spiritually.

Musical exploration is exciting and educational. But musical exploitation has been proven in itself to be morally detrimental. The truth of this statement has its proof through the songs hitting our radio and television airwaves. Majority of them have double meanings or of a very low moral and intellectual concept of life and society. I believe they have a great deal of contribution to our youth delinquencies and familial chaos today, as it had in the decade of the 70’s.

Much has been done and contributed to our sports development aimed to keep our youths away from any hazardous way of spending their free hours. But we still have to see the day when the same would be accorded to musical development program. I don’t mean to belittle all the efforts extended by our well-meaning sports development sponsors. They had been proven to serve its good purpose. I just hope for the day that the musically gifted youths, and not so young, may also be given the support they need and be given the chance to show their prowess in this field.

Sports may prove to benefit an individual physically and mentally, but then music can affect a person spiritually and morally. The most effective way of sinking a message into one’s soul is by wrapping your words with good music and sing its way to people’s heart.

To my fellow Pinoy classic rockers, we have an immense “treasure” of information stored in our “vault of the past” that I believe the present young generation of musicians will be so grateful to be shared with. Rock n’ Roll had been under condemnation and biased scrutiny ever since its birth in the 50’s starting with Bill Haley and the Comets. Elvis Presley had been branded by many extreme religious leaders of that decade to be an “advocate” for Satan but they did not elaborate the truth that Elvis Presley’s style of singing was the fruit of his great fascination for the Gospel songs that he regularly hear every Sunday In the Church where his family was a member of..

I, for one, being a conference resource person several times of different Christian Church groups, had been challenged most of the time regarding the issue of Rock n’Roll as the music of the devil. Although there are rock n’ roll songs that carries messages of moral destruction, majority of it conveys the youth’s cry of change for the better. The honest truth is that I came to understand the good side of life by the messages that my favorite rock groups like the Moody Blues , Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young , conveyed through this vehicle called Rock n’ Roll. Let those who condemn Rock n’ Roll savour the truth of the Searchers’ “Four Strong Winds”, or the moving “He Ain’t heavy, He’s My Brother” by the Hollies. I can not cite them all, But I would say for a conclusion of this subject, that the door towards a balanced understanding of this powerful tool, in music, is being closed by sparsely informed religious educators of our time. Who can be a better eye-opener for this good side of Rock n’ Roll but those who had lived though it. Tayo yon, Grandpa’s….

As an add-on, I almost forgot Mike Hanopol had began his share of this mission when he guested at a Christian Group’s Battle of the Band in Candelaria, Quezon. He is endeavoring to show that rock music is not all about drugs and sex as some have incorporated it to, but also as one’s soul refresher … as a song goes, Why should the devil have all the good music!?) Ah, basta! Rock n’Roll Kami!... C’mon, LOLO ROCKERS, Let ‘s show them how to rock!

About the author: Gerardo "Dodie or Tikboy" Sta. Rita former drummer of the Astrans, Hot-Rods, Reges Five, Magna-Sonics, Sunflower Children (Olongapo- 1st batch), Blackhawks (sessionist vocals), Jovials (5th batch in Olongapo), Friends of Mine, Factory Band, Lettie and the Upcomings, Grandells II, Manila Electric Music Orchestra (ME.M.O.), Blackbuster (after Snafu Rigor), Boyfriends, Rhythm in Harmony, Cream of the Crop, atbp. He is presently residing in San Pablo City (Laguna, Philippines). He got involved in producing original Pilipino Christian music with praise Music, Inc. and holding Drum clinics and Evangelistic Crusades in various cities and provinces in the Philippines. Now, he’s doing home recordings for other young starters and hoping to compile enough songs for a new Christian album.

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