Deltas Band, The Deltas, D'Deltas

by Glenn Velasco (Las Vegas, Nevada USA)
Posted on August 17, 2006

There were 4 generations of great calibre musicians who embodied the band .. Deltas.

The pioneering deltas were Bob McCoy, Glenn Velasco, Vaughn Velasco and Tonette Fabie from Pasay city who had a strong back-beat style of playing guitar instrumentals.. and added to their reportoire was the playful rendition of rock inspired country tunes.

The second wave of Deltas was with Ben Nang of the Sportsman Club (by Dewey Blvd., now Roxas Blvd.) we were still the 4 originals with the additon of Mario Velasco later on. Some of us were still underage but we played afternoon gigs at the Sportsman Club. Ben Nang supplied us with custom built tube amps and cabinets, college gigs, rehearsal space and lots of food and more food.

The third generation of the Deltas was an interim of musicians who apparently were weaved into changes. Bob McCoy, Vaughn Velasco, Tonette Fabie and Mario Velasco remained as the mainstream Deltas. Gene Generoso became the frontman vocalist for the Deltas. Added to that were Gil Tejedor, Ping Cruz and Ed (Sax Player).

Rolly Yambo was then the manager who offered Bob McCoy a fender 15" concert amp to play with. The band had a lot of TV exposures and radio air play. No doubt, Gene Generoso popularized the Deltas due to his hook ups with known dj's and tv shows.

The fourth generation morphed into regrouping the Deltas managed by Jaime Jose. Bob McCoy, Tonette Fabie and Vaughn Velasco stayed on. Mon Vecin was the vocalist and Jess Maniquis on guitar. Jaime Jose did good by purchasing new vox equipment for the band and usage of other Fender amps and guitars. The Deltas debut their massive arsenal at the UST medical concert. When Vaughn Velasco left the group, he was replaced by Snaffu Rigor as the drummer.

If there were other Delta remnant members, I apologize for not getting to know you guys. If I can get more information from others then, the band will have solid credibility of their existance and contribution to pinoy rock history.

Here is summary of the Deltas band members:
+Bob McCoy - lead guitar (he's the soul of the deltas, deceased)
Glenn Velasco - guitar, now living in Las Vegas, Nevada
Vaughn Velasco - drums, now living in Las Vegas, Nevada
Tonette Fabie - bass, now living in Noveleta, Cavite
Mario Velasco - guitar
Gene Generoso - vocals/guitar
Gil Tejedor - bass
Snaffu Rigor - drums, still active in music industry in RP
Ping Cruz - drums, now living in Japan
Ed - sax player
+Mon Vecin - Vocals, now deceased
Jess Maniquis - vocals/guitar, now living in So. Cal.

PS: According to Poldy Aranzamendez who is also now living in Las Vegas, the final generation of the Deltas' members were composed of Poldy himself (lead guitar), Jess Maniquis (guitar, vocals), Dani Bornilla (keyboard), Tony Aranzamendez (bass) and Boy Paa (drummer). The group was short lived during the early 70s and they even played at Stop, Look & Listen TV program.

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